You typically have less than 6 seconds to grab your digital audience’s attention… blink and they’re gone!

Digital Marketing ADHD

It’s time to face the facts. The average person is so overly bombarded with marketing messages, offers and options that they simply tune out a large percentage of what they see. What doesn’t grab their attention gets ignored. We all struggle with what I call Digital Marketing ADHD and it can kill your audience retention if you don’t figure out how to grab your audience’s attention… fast.

If you are crafting a marketing message, building website content, writing a blog post or creating digital marketing collateral of any kind you need to make sure you are grabbing your audience’s attention or else you are wasting your time and money.

3 Tips For Grabbing Attention… Fast

Here are my 3 tips for quickly getting your audience’s attention:

1. Include Thought Provoking Eye Candy

When you Google the definition of “eye candy” it says:

visual images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding.

Eye Candy get’s people’s attention which is good, but you don’t want them to dismiss what you are trying to say! Think of it as finding a balance between a milkshake and a health smoothie. You want to be visually attractive, but you also want to lead to more questions… for instance, when you clicked on this article your were probably wondering what on earth a picture of a goat has to do with ADHD and marketing… am I right? Mission accomplished! However, there needs to be a deeper meaning behind your eye candy. In this case, the image of the goat looking at me gives the impression that I have his attention… and it’s not always easy to get a goat’s attention unless you have something it wants!

Design and layout play a huge role in the success of how attractive eye candy is to the viewer. You want to make sure that it attracts them, but you don’t what them to have to think too hard or read too deep into it to “get” what you are trying to convey.

Here are a few eye candy ideas:

  1. Have a good image – a picture is worth a thousand words, but only if it is a good (and relevant) picture.
  2. Include a video – videos consistently get more clicks than almost any other form of content.
  3. Infographics – infographics offer a visually interesting ways to consume and conceptualize data and relationships.

2. Have Good Structure & Flow

Most people have an innate temptation to briefly skim over content in order to determine whether or not we want to dive deeper into it. Once you recognize this, you can cater your content to reach out for skimmers and draw them in. For example, in a blog post, having bullet points and good title structure allows viewers to skim over the content and dive in where they are most interested. You never want to focus on having a fantastic title that get’s people to click into your article and then have less than interesting section titles because the skimmers will skim all the way to the end (or no more than the first paragraph) and never truly engage with your content.

Here are a few structure & flow tips:

  1. Logical progression… with a twist? – you want to make it easy for your viewers to follow along, but the occasional curveball keeps things interesting.
  2. Start with a grabber line – peak your viewers interest by starting with an interesting, startling or inspiring sentence.
  3. Think about your title – the first thing people are going to see is your title… make it mentally pop!

3. Make it Tasty!

Have you ever walked into the kitchen or maybe a restaurant and it smelled AMAZINGLY  good? It may have even looked fantastic, but when you took the first bite you realized that there was definitely something horribly wrong? That is how, well marketed, but poorly executed and lackluster products and content are. It gives people a spammy taste in their mouth and they won’t come back for seconds.

You always want to bring value to the table. If your product or content or marketing message doesn’t convey value, you might want to go back to the drawing board. When it comes to grabbing attention, you need to make sure that those first few sentences are “tasty” enough to keep them reading or clicking on to the action you want them to take.

Here are a few tasty tips:

  1. Build in the WOW   in his book Platform, Michael Hyatt talks about baking in the WOW. Make your product/content with a WOW factor built in from the start.
  2. Have something important to say – you want to be as original as possible and have something worth people’s time.
  3. Keep it brief – you never want to go on so long that people get board. Stop while they are still just a little bit hungry for more.

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