What’s Your Purple Cow?

Do you know what your Purple Cow is? That is what Author Seth Godin would ask if he were writing this article. But now you may be wondering what a “Purple Cow” is and why you need one. In his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable Seth talks about the necessity of standing out,…

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The Interruption Dilemma


Our modern world has created a global society that pushes people into a speed driven lifestyle where everything we do is in a rush. We want Google or Siri to find the quickest way to our destination, we want our hamburger ready in 30 seconds flat and we can’t stand to wait in long checkout…

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What’s In Your Pipeline?


In order to stay in business and be successful you have to have a pipeline. By pipeline I mean that you have a list of people who are actively interested in becoming your customer. A full pipeline indicates continued growth and forward momentum for your  business. Sounds great right? The one catch though is that…

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Is it Harvest Time for Your Business?

Harvest Time - Post Image

The fall of the year is often viewed as the Harvest season. While this is true for farmers and gardeners, is it also true for your business? Many stores and shopping malls look to this end of the year Harvest and Holiday season to produce a large amount of their sales for the year. However,…

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What is a CMS?

CMS Engine Post Image

In the world of web development there is this term that you might hear a lot – CMS – and it stands for Content Management System. There are many different types but the main ones that we use are WordPress and Joomla.

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