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A lot of the business owners I work with ask me if they should start a business blog, but in reality, an entirely different question is at stake. That is, should your business leverage content marketing? The answer to that is a resounding YES!

In a nutshell, content marketing is where you publish relevant, useful content to your target audience in a way that is valuable to them, but also marketable for you.

Let me give an example. Joe, the plumber writes a blog post about ‘3 ways to stop a leaking faucet’ and publishes it on his website’s blog and also shares it on social media. In his post, he lays out three easy ways to fix a leaky faucet but also informs readers that if those steps don’t work, it could be a bigger issue that requires a professional to fix. He ends with a call to action that let people know if they had an issue too big for them to tackle on their own, his team would be happy to help them solve the problem.

The Three Reasons

By writing this content, Joe has done three things. He provided valuable information to the readers (aka his potential customers) by sharing some expert advice, increased his visibility online (SEO and on social networks), plus he also raised awareness of his services in a non-pushy way. This is the basic concept of content marketing. Taking this approach to marketing typically produces better results than the traditional ‘ad in your face’ approach but does take time to build up momentum.

Now back to our original question. should you start a blog for your business or organization? Absolutely! However, instead of thinking of it as just a blog, take a step back and connect it to a bigger overall content marketing strategy. If you do it right, your company blog can be a powerful marketing tool that helps you engage and connect with potential customers.

Don’t have a content marketing strategy? Don’t have a website with a blog? No worries! If you need help setting up a business blog or crafting an effective content strategy we would love to help get you started on the right track. Feel free to contact us here!

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